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Flow Control Solutions

Flow Control Valves react to an increase of the parameters they control by throttling closed. This is a "progressive" process = increase in demand results in the valve reducing the flow progressively. The more the downstream pressure is reduced.


The cladding process involves the deposition of a thin layer of CRA material such as Stainless Steel or Inconel on a Carbon Steel base creating a composite structure that achieves the twin objectives of low cost and higher corrosion resistance.


EXACTA is one in the forefront in providing high pressure equipment like valves, fittings and engineering and connecting of paint for hydrogen distribution to support our customers as they incorporate hydrogen in their zero-carbon energy strategies.


Our family began
its valves manufacturing

journey in 1973, since then we have been manufacturing high-quality valves that are used around the world in industries ranging from Power, Steel, Oil and Natural Gas to Chemicals, Waste Water, and Potable Water among others.


Our products are
essential to society

We offer a comprehensive range of industrial valves that includes Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Ball Valves, and now are soon to introduce Plug Valves to our Manufacturing program. Among the range of products and services that the Company is able to supply is the Multiport Selector Valve(MSV).


Why choose us

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Provide industry leading products and services to the Oil and Gas industry that exceed customers’ expectations through cost effective and technology leading solutions that satisfy the economic demands of the petroleum sector

Design, manufacture, distribute, and “field service” Multiport Selector Valve (MSV), Oil and gas Skid Production Manifold, Multiphase Meter, Lease Automatic Custody Transfer units (L.A.C.T), and other Tool Joints by 2011

To internationally expand the distribution of MSV and others products and services to the Oil and Gas Industry

To become a world-class leader and the choice provider of field production optimization technologies to the Oil and Gas Industry by 2015.

To be the most efficient valve maker in the country and enhance our growth potential and profitability by providing the best quality to clients.

To be the preferred destination for flow control, and solution engineering products for our clients with optimum cost and best quality to meet their expectations.


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